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      員工福利 welfare


      1. Attendance Award + Food Subsidy + Other Awards;

      2. Year-end bonus: at least 2-3 months 'salary will be deducted as bonus based on performance, which will be verified by the position.

      3. Dividend distribution (dry stock) : the management personnel can share 10% of the company's dividend distribution after entering the factory for half a year;

      4. Housing: We provided the couple room.. According to the employee's working years and contribution, we will providedtwo-bedroomed apartment. one-bedroomed apartment, and a single room.


      1according to the national holidays, and enjoy all kinds of paid leave;

      2. The company organizes employees to travel on the National Day every year. The managers have been to Wuyi Mountain for three years, Beijing for five years, and abroad for eight years.

      Convenient transportation:

      1. It is 10 minutes away from Quanzhou Railway Station and the exit of the expressway;2Quanzhou downtown direction can take the 42 bus to the terminal station, or take 10, 11, Quanzhou to Luoxi, Quanzhou to Machia shuttle bus at the junction of 310 county road (Yonggao sports) station transfer to the 42 bus to the terminal station.Nearby are kindergarten, primary school (century-old hecheng city primary school), heshi middle school, fujian electric power school, fujian economic and trade school, yangn university, huaqiao university, xiangong mountain scenic spot and yu dayou park.

      團隊活動 TEAM WORK
      Olympic spirit to inspire us forward
      Dongshan island we swim together
      Strong core party branch
      Work together - never give up
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